Reshaping the future
of manufacturing

You’ve landed at Vynckier, a 10-hectare state-of-the-art industrial site in Ghent, facilitating pioneers at the forefront of Industry 5.0. Built on the historical foundations of 100 years of entrepreneurship, it’s here to sustainably shape the future of digital manufacturing. The entire site is being repurposed by sustainable real estate developer Revive. With
a main focus on ecological urban development, Revive aims to preserve history while rebuilding a future-proof society through innovation and energy-efficient technologies.

Heritage meets

163 years of manufacturing history

From textile processing in the 1800s over electronics to the latest automation technologies, the iconic Vynckier site has played a pivotal role in the history of manufacturing for over 160 years. Listed on the architectural heritage inventory, the site is being completely revitalised with a deep respect for history.

The next era: Industry 5.0

Today, the entire industrial zone is being repurposed as a forerunner in energy transition and smart manufacturing. Central to the site is TerraWATT, a brand-new business hub where pioneering companies will innovate and collaborate on sustainable digital and advanced manufacturing solutions at the forefront of Industry 5.0.

Vynckier Ghent: masterplan

Designed by ORG Permanent Modernity and ALTSTADT office for architecture, the masterplan Vynckier Ghent delves into the potential and future development of this impressive historical industrial site.

Advanced manufacturing industry

The future of the manufacturing industry

Spread over 10 hectares, the industries established at the Vynckier site are entirely devoted to the advanced manufacturing industry. Complemented by the businesses housed in the adjacent office centre TerraWATT, they operate at the forefront of Industry 5.0.

Will you get the industry going?

Is your business engaged in the adoption of 4.0 technologies and the transition towards sustainability and well-being? Do you want to become part of a community of digital pioneers facilitating this Industry 5.0? Move your business over to TerraWATT. In this buzzing office centre, there’s room for advanced manufacturers, product innovators, digital transformers, green transitioners and innovation managers. Is that you?

Business centre TerraWATT

Setting the Industry 5.0 in motion

Standing out as a beacon of business transformation on Ghentian soil, TerraWATT accelerates businesses to (re)shape Industry 5.0. Weaving a seamless blend of heritage and innovation, this iconic building hosts an established community of forward-thinkers. Fostering an innovative, digital, green and creative ecosystem, it’s here to drive the new Industry 5.0 revolution. And your business can be a part of it. Are you with us?

With respect to the past, we will breathe new life into this historic site and give it the place it deserves in Ghent’s business landscape. In short, renew it, not destroy it.

– Toon Kympers, CMO Revive

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