About Revive

Places with a history often offer the greatest potential for the most beautiful future scenarios. Based on this vision, Revive started as a specialist in brownfield development 15 years ago. We transform obsolete and polluted industrial sites into vibrant places to live and work. TerraWATT is therefore much more than a real estate project; it is the blueprint for a lifestyle revolution.

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Social and ecological gains are as important to us as financial success. People, local nature and city should reinforce each other. We do not innovate just to innovate, and we do not demolish just to demolish. We preserve and reuse what is good and sustainably improve what is less good.

From this vision, we have defined four pillars.

Over Revive


Reusing what is already there. This is about building on underused sites such as empty buildings and recovering materials and pursuing a circular economy.



Repurposing sites, respecting heritage, and leaving existing nature untouched.



About nature and social restoration.



Social cohesion and connection between new residents, nature and local neighbourhoods.

We build society

“We build society” is our slogan, and we mean it in the literal sense of the word. In all the projects we develop, we focus on building new residential areas. All facets of housing, living and working are important in this regard. We want to develop warm neighbourhoods where people feel good, help each other and set up social initiatives. Based on the conviction that a project is only truly successful when it is also a good place to live and work, we appoint a community builder for each of our projects who connects. We do this after the construction process, but also before and during the works, through – among other things – temporary site use projects in which everything revolves around connection, creativity and fun.

Meet the team

Isabelle Verhaert

Senior Project Developer

Lander Victor

Senior Construction Manager

Susanne Koolhof

Impact Manager

Frederic Buyssens

Business Developer

Jan Van Schaeren

Environmental Manager

Benoit Dubrulle

Go-to market Manager

Laure Martens

Business Controller

Sara De Baets

Senior Legal Counsel

Revive was the first Belgian company to be awarded the B Corp certificate, the most objective proof that social and ecological objectives are at least as important as profit. It’s all about “Using Business as a Force For Good”. On our social media channels you can read on #WeGoBeyond what Revive is doing to make the world a better place.

B Corp
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