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The 3.6-meter-high generous-sized windows play a crucial role in the building’s greatest asset: natural light. Mostly constructed with steel joinery and restored to preserve the historical architecture, they ensure that daylight can once again flood the interior spaces. Several sky-wells allow light to enter the building. To guarantee modern comfort quality, a complete glass rear wall with sun protection is installed.

Air & acoustics

The smart system D or balanced ventilation provides an energy-efficient continuous supply of fresh air. Acoustically-raised access floors with carpet tiles reduce sound transmission between rooms.


Climate ceilings provide 1. cooling during the summer months, 2. the desired heating in the winter and 3. the necessary acoustic quality. Extra plus: the most comfortable indoor climate for the entire building.

The ventilation system is designed to provide cooling or heating, maintaining a comfortable temperature of 21°C. Temperature control is available within individual rooms and special considerations are made for spaces with different orientations.


Multiple corners, spaces and three different floors connected with a historical staircase invite you to get up and running. For walking meetings, team walks, running sessions or yoga breaks, head to one of the neighbourhood parks.

Social interaction

TerraWATT is home to an innovative, digital, green and creative ecosystem. The atmosphere is corporate yet vibrant, with the sound of innovative ideas buzzing and the constant hum of advanced technology resounding. Encounters happen at networking events, afterwork drinks or happy hours – unlocking the power of collaboration. Cross-pollination is just around every (coffee) corner. This community of forward-thinkers is always one step ahead of change. And so can you. Do you feel the FOMO?

Planet & purpose

When renting and (co-)working at TerraWATT, you don’t only care about the wellbeing of you and your team, but also that of the planet. TerraWATT is a landmark regeneration project, respecting history and embracing state-of-the-art technology. Sustainable and circular use of materials the basic principles for the new additions on the site. Renewable energy is key, rainwater use is common, communities are thriving. And thus social, environmental and architectural positive impact is gained in every way. In addition, we strive for a BREEAM excellence label.

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