An innovative, digital, green & creative ecosystem

TerraWATT evolves into an ecosystem of innovative companies with a shared mission: to enhance processes and flexibility, and optimise both human and machine productivity through applied innovations.

Let’s say it’s the home base of like-minded trendsetters. Entrepreneurs facilitating each part of the making and thinking process of Industry 4.0 & 5.0: from R&D to prototyping and production, from offices and logistics to commerce and services, from recruiting to training. Start-ups, scale-ups and established businesses alike – TerraWATT has your back. Are you part of it?

about terrawatt

Industry 4.0

Digital manufacturing transition

The impact of digitisation and the connected internet accounts for the transition to a service or platform-based economy. Emerging advanced technologies such as remote monitoring and virtual communication bridge the divide between the physical and digital realms, enabling the operation of intelligent autonomous systems.

Industry 5.0

Sustainable transition

An integral aspect of the transformation to Industry 5.0: the green transition. Or a significant shift towards enhanced sustainability. Besides the green transition, this encompasses the employees’ physical and mental well-being.

The advanced manufacturers

Those who use innovative technology to improve (their) products and processes. 

The product innovators

Those who create the sustainable, connected products of tomorrow. 

The digital transformers

Those providing digital services or SAAS.

The green transitioners

Those who are drastically greening the industry. 

The innovation managers

Those supporting the whole through extraordinary management skills or next-level training. 

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