terrawatt the office building

Four floors of private and shared spaces and an event area

Receive a warm welcome in the entrance hall, be impressed by the bright and spacious transmission shaft and set yourself to (co)-work or meet here. Discover the lab, the barrel, the sous-sol ateliers and much more.

The entrance area is a spacious 244 m² welcoming hall accessible from the eastern side of the building. Once finished with marble and part of a luxurious former machine room, it now houses a welcoming desk, a mail delivery service and an inviting waiting/sitting area on one side. Turn your head about a quarter-way round and look straight at the refreshing coffee and lunch bar.

Taking centre stage: the grand staircase leading towards the repurposed central axis of circulation. The staircase restores the former axis’ grandeur and height as an impressive open space. Consisting of several workstations, it functions as a true connector between floors and plateaus.

entrance hall

Office floors

The central axis of circulation that runs through the entirety of the building, effectively slices the vast plateaus into distinct southern and northern sides. This strategic placement allows for the offices to be grouped into smaller clusters. Total office space available: 10,000 m².

First floor

The first floor is dedicated to a 4.654 m² busting business centre. With private offices and ample shared areas spanning across two bays of the building, this vibrant space fosters collaboration and productivity. Put your heads together in one of the different-sized meeting rooms. Have a chat in the informal seating area. Or warm your lunch in the kitchenettes, simultaneously accessible for both the northern and southern sections. Have a good meal or chat, you choose!

Want a breath of fresh air? Head outside to the adjacent terrace which extends across the entire floor. Or take the old stair tower up to the roof terrace.

First floor

Premium office n° 1: the lab

This is the former lab space of the Vynckier factory. Characterised by classified partition walls and 1960s furniture, it exudes a quirky yet inviting ambiance, breathing with history. In, out, in, out. This overflow office space is the ideal co-working area serving the first-floor business centre.

Terrawatt The lab
terrawatt vynckier

First floor

Premium office n° 2: the barrel

Fancy less shared space? Head to the 560 m² area right above the event space. Impressive windows on all sides, a barrel-vaulted ceiling with skylights and a chance to install your proper sanitary and kitchen facilities. The barrel is entirely for rent as a premium (bare shell) office.

Vynckier The barrel

First floor

Premium office n° 3: the director offices

Originally used as the management offices, this area consists of one large 760 m² single-company duplex office with a private entrance and stairs. Characterised by wooden-framed, coloured glass windows, this space is a delight to the eye on TerraWATT’s south facade.

Vynckier The director offices

Second floor

On the second floor of the TerraWATT building, the most impressive floor for many reasons, you’ll find no less than 5.099 m² of private offices. Located along a generous 7-metre-wide corridor, these distinct areas of at least 250 m² can be joined together within the walls of your office. These offices are organised by themselves but can participate in the daily buzz of the building.

Second floor

Area 46

The symbolic, spacious collection of offices to the south invites a soft glow of northern light. Besides, they look out on a preserved piece of history – impressive barrel vaults dating back from 1946 showcasing the architectural techniques of the era in which the entire floor was built. Want to see Ghent at its most jaw-dropping? Head for the roof terrace and take in the stunning view over the city skyline.

terrawatt vynckier area 46

The TerraWATT event space

You’ve arrived at the double-height 230-capacity business event space. An extraordinary historical industrial setting. Corporate event, product launch, seminar, conference…? This venue has you covered. Residents only.

  • Advanced techState-of-the-art techniques to accommodate various functions and a wide range of events.
  • Volume & lightA double-height 6,8 m space flooded with natural light from the north and east sides, so no distracting sunlight.
  • Watt’s cookingVersatile hot kitchen catering to the lunch bar & conference room needs.
  • Indoor/outdoorThrough large windows, the venue opens up to an outdoor terrace, allowing for a seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • VariaBuffet/display area, (un)loading area, directly accessible toilets.
  • Residents onlyThis is not a public event space and is available for rent to Vynckier residents only.
terrawatt eventspace

The building today

The first strong example of clever modern-day repurposing: the bright and spacious transmission shaft. In the past, steam in the boiler room powered a wheel that, in turn, drove cables and belts operating all the machinery throughout the three main factory floors. Interestingly, the tracks created by these large belts now provide access to all floors through a vertical circulation system. Talk about smart use of the building’s structure and logic. Also, Vynckier converted the boiler room and installed a laboratory room, still visible in the present-day interior.

terrawatt vynckier gent

The building as it was

Before the entire industrial site got into the hands of Vynckier in 1963, it was owned by two textile companies – Parmentier, Van Hoegaarden & Cie (blue line) and Pipyn (red line), as well as the present-day TerraWATT. In 1934, Pipyn closed down and Vynckier occupied the empty factory buildings.

Blueprint of the Pipyn textile spinning mill as it was constructed in 1923. Take note of the room designated for steam boilers with a chimney, as well as the adjacent room for the steam engine, the beating heart of the textile company. The whole is separated by a long corridor that essentially divides the building in two. This corridor served as a conduit for the drive belts that powered the machinery on various floors.

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