Shaping the workplace of Industry 5.0

TerraWATT stands out as a hi-tech, futureproof business haven at the intersection of technology, innovation, energy and creativity. It’s not your average working space in the middle of the iconic Vynckier site in Ghent. Weaving a seamless blend of heritage and innovation, this iconic industrial cathedral hosts an established community of forward-thinkers. Fostering an innovative, digital, green and creative ecosystem, it’s here to drive the new Industry 5.0 revolution. It’s where groundbreaking ideas will thrive and skills will flourish. It’s right where you, the digital trendsetter, need to be. Are you with us?


From historical establishment to TerraWATT

TerraWATT is accommodated in the former South Manchester building located on the iconic Vynckier site in the city of Ghent. With the site’s industrial history engraved in the city’s collective memory, sustainable real estate developer Revive has breathed new life into this historical building, smartly repurposing it for a changing world while respecting its authenticity.

Nestled within the walls of a historical structure, TerraWATT is a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition and technological advancement, enabling future-proof working.